Signs Indoor & Outdoor

A sign of the times: first impressions are everything

First impressions count for a lot, which is why a creative sign for your business can be the deciding factor in whether or not a potential customer stops and gives you that crucial second glance. At Punctual Print, we offer a comprehensive signage service. We can advise you on the wide range of signage options available include building signage, wallpaper and wall wraps, window signage and vinyls, pavement stands and display stands. Get in touch and we can take it from there.

Signs Indoor & Outdoor

Is your signage just sitting there, dull, uninspiring, even nonexistent? Do you have ideas you wish somebody could turn into signs for you? Maybe you would like to insert progress/information sheets in clear pockets and have a section for writing on with a whiteboard marker. Perhaps you would like a frame or a stand for your sign, or you might just want to hang your sign from the ceiling.

Whatever your signage ambitions, we can help. Let our team of designers turn your ideas into reality or supply us with your own artwork. We specialise in limited quantities, including one-offs. This might take the form of a performance chart for the staff room or an information sign for customers.

Our templates include bleed, crops, safe areas and all the other weird things and jargon that printing
companies like us look for when we are asking your for artwork, enjoy! Happy designing.

  1. Size: 1x1ftSize: 300x300mm
  2. Size: 2x1ftSize: 600x300mm
  3. Size: 2x2ftSize: 600x600mm
  4. Size: 3x1ftSize: 900x300mm
  5. Size: 3x2ftSize: 900x600mm
  6. Size: 3x3ftSize: 900x900mm
  7. Size: 3x5ftSize: 900x1500mm
  8. Size: 3x6ftSize: 900x1800mm
  9. Size: 3x7ftSize: 900x2100mm
  10. Size: 3x8ftSize: 900x2400mm
  11. Size: 4x1ftSize: 1200x300mm
  12. Size: 4x2ftSize: 1200x600mm
  13. Size: 4x3ftSize: 1200x900mm
  14. Size: 4x4ftSize: 1200x1200mm
  15. Size: 4x5ftSize: 1200x1500mm
  16. Size: 4x6ftSize: 1200x1800mm
  17. Size: 4x7ftSize: 1200x2100mm
  18. Size: 4x8ftSize: 1200x2400mm
  19. Size: 5x1ftSize: 1500x300mm
  20. Size: 5x2ftSize: 1500x600mm
  21. Size: 6x1ftSize: 1800x300mm
  22. Size: 6x2ftSize: 1800x600mm
  23. Size: 7x1ftSize: 2100x300mm
  24. Size: 7x2ftSize: 2100x600mm
  25. Size: 8x1ftSize: 2400x300mm
  26. Size: 8x2ftSize: 2400x600mm

We keep it simple!

Click on the ‘Templates’ tab just above and layout your design on one of these files or else use it for reference.Just follow these simple rules before you send us your artwork, and before you ask or send us your Word® files, we’d like to say ‘No that isn’t artwork’.

  • Add 5mm bleed on all sides
  • Remember 75dpi
  • We love pdf files
  • We also love tiff or eps
  • All fonts outlined
  • All files in CMYK
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