Punctual Print excels in digital printing. We produce the highest-quality projects for our clients. We help turn your smallest project into looking like you spent money for offset. You get short run, offset quality printing at digital prices..

Our Konita Minolta Machines produce unparalleled colour and accuracy in seven colours, equivalent to conventional offset printing. We understand the capabilities. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff will work with you to produce the finest digital to get you noticed.

You get what you need just when you need it. Digital printing offers faster turnaround times at lower cost for lighter volume. Produce single copies or short-runs of any high-quality publication. You can easily produce high-volume labels or short-run high-end custom folding cartons as well.
Our professional staff will walk you through the choices of stocks, coatings and finishing processes to make your project is finished to the highest standards.
Digital short- to mid-run printing offers excellent environmental benefits by reducing print inventories and wasted prints. 
We have a full artwork and design team at Punctual Print that can generate artworks for all of our printing services to be used in your projects, alternatively we can work with your artwork.


We are proud to provide our customers with quality offset litho printing that can achieve vibrant colours on each and every print, ensuring complete consistency with every page that is printed. Litho printing is ideal for high volume jobs that require a wide range of stock or demand excellent colour quality.

Litho printing is also recommended if you need to print large areas of solid single colour because it appears very smooth with no visible pixels. The choice of paper weights is also greater than is possible with digital printing and if you need to use metallic inks or UV varnishing Suitable for a wide range of surfaces including paper and card. Unit cost decreases as the quantity increases.



  • Die Cutting
  • Standard guillotine trimming
  • Saddle stitch binding
  • Binding
  • Automatic Gluing
  • Creasing & Perforation
  • Foiling
  • Lamination
  • Mailing
  • Hand finishing
  • Index Tabbing
  • Booklet making
  • Stitching
  • Spot UV