Door signs and plaques help your customers understand where they are in your internal space. Suitable for large offices, hospitals, universities, etc, they make sure that people can navigate their way around easily rather than ending up frustrated and feeling lost.

Internal door signs inform visitors of the purpose of each room in a premise so they don’t have to disturb the (no doubt) hard-working occupants. External door signs can indicate access prohibition or danger, or warnings to visitors and employees.


Benefits of Door Sign Plaques

  • Ensure easy navigation around your premises
  • Inform people of room purpose
  • Alert or warn visitors or employees
  • Reinforce your branding

What can we do to help?

  • Design, manufacture and install hard-wearing, customisable door signs and plaques
  • Design signs with your specific branding


    • Variety of materials and colours
    • Room Vacant and Room Occupied options to show if meeting rooms are being used
    • Specialty safety signs that comply with regulations, to instruct clearly in case of emergency


If signage installation is required, this is an area in which we excel. A sign is only as good as its installation after all. We’ve seen all too many perfectly adequate signs installed in the wrong places, which makes them totally ineffective. Our Signage Manager Mick has a great eye for where to position signage for optimum impact, whilst taking safety into account.  


Mick is a qualified and very experienced carpenter so you can relax in the knowledge that your signage will be very securely installed, Rest assured that our installation crew adheres to all the relevant health and safety regulations including working at height and Covid-19.